Frequently Asked Questions

“Can the CRYOCURETM do harm?”

No, there are no known negative side-effects or complications for the CRYOCURETM.The instruction manual should be followed.

“Can the CRYOCURETM break?”

No, in principle it cannot break, unless it has fallen or if someone steps on it. In such a case, you should no longer make use of the device. The CRYOCURETM does not contain any harmful substances. The CRYOCURETM is made of high-grade medical plastic materials.

“How long does the CRYOCURETM remain cold?”

The CRYOCURETM designed to stay cold for about 15 minutes after removing it from the freezer, CRYOCURETM discharges the cold very slowly with the least water / fluid absorption so there is no chance of frostbite, After each freeze CRYOCURETM is immediately ready for use. Put some Vaseline (White Petroleum Jelly) on the CRYOCURETM and around the anus, so that the CRYOCURETM can be easily inserted. Try to relax as much as possible when inserting the CRYOCURETM Device.

“How often can I use the CRYOCURETM?”

The CRYOCURETM can be used multiple times per day. We even recommend this in case of severe symptoms. In case of persistent complaints, we recommend consulting your doctor or proctologist. Only use the CRYOCURETM in case of haemorrhoid confirmed diagnosis.

“Cleaning the CRYOCURETM?”

After use, you should rinse the CRYOCURETM with water and soap only. You can then put it back in the freezer immediately, with the special packaging. After 2 hours, it is ready for use again. We discourage sterilising or boiling the CRYOCURETM, since this can cause irrevesable damage to the device.

“Does the CRYOCURETM have an expiry date?”

We advise not to use the CRYOCURETM longer than 9 months after first freeze. CRYOCURE is ment for a single persons use only to prevent Infections.

What is the common mistake made by the user of CRYOCURETM?

CRYOCURETM is to be kept in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator (-20°C). It is been observed that the CRYOCURETM is kept in the refrigeration compartment where the temp is 4°C or we have also come across a CRYOCURETM user keeping the CRYOCURETM in a ice box. These are not permitted, CRYOCURETM is designed to handle up to -36°C however the -20°C of your freezer compartment is safest and effective.

Is CRYOCURETM safe during pregnancy?

Yes, CRYOCURETM is safe and approved for use during pregnancy. CRYOCURETM will work within 2 to 3cms of your anus and does not use chemicals that can harm your delicately growing baby.